Blach TyTy Blach is a is 24-year-old Denver native. He was drafted in the 5th round of the 2012 June Amateur Draft out of Creighton University by the San Francisco Giants. Blach is in his first season at Triple-A and has posted a 9-8 record with a 4.00 ERA through 20 starts this season for the River Cats. He is currently second in the Pacific Coast League in innings pitched (123 2/3) and his nine wins are tied for second most in the league.

We had a chance to sit down with Ty earlier in the season and ask him a few questions…


NINE LIVES: Let’s get right to it, Ty…tell us something about yourself that the fans may not know?

BLACH: I’m really just a down to earth kind of guy, but something people may not know is that I absolutely love spending time outdoors, in the mountains, especially.

My family has a ranch back home in Colorado, so I grew up spending all my time working outside and just exploring the mountains nearby.

NINE LIVES: Have you ever gotten into rock climbing?

BLACH: No no, nothing quite like that! (Laughing) I was always sort of injury prone as a kid. I broke both my femurs, my tibia and fibula…I try to stay away from the dangerous stuff now.

NINE LIVES: We imagine then that your perfect day would include something outdoor-sy. Can you tell us what that day looks like?

BLACH: Sure. It probably involves hanging out with my family to get started. I love being able to spend time with my Mom, Dad, and sister. Maybe go for a walk or a hike or something. If it’s Sunday, I always like to be able to catch church in the morning and then hopefully enjoy some Sunday Night Baseball on TV. That’s always a treat, when you’re able to spending time with the family and watch some baseball.

NINE LIVES: Speaking of baseball, what do you recall as your earliest baseball memory?

BLACH: You know, one of my very first memories would be Opening Day, 1993 at Mile High Stadium. It was the Rockies first ever home game. I was maybe 2 1/2 years old and I remember sitting down the right field line.

I just remember being there at the stadium, really. I don’t really remember anything that happened at the game but I have this picture in my head of being there at the park. So that’s one of my earliest, if not the earliest. And also, just growing up I always had a ball or a bat in my hand.

Ty-Blach-CreightonNINE LIVES: Did you pitch right away when you started playing baseball or did you play other positions?

BLACH: I actually played a lot of different positions before I started pitching. I started out playing shortstop and then moved over to first base and played some outfield.

I moved to pitcher as soon as we started kid-pitch but I was never really good at pitching until I got a little older. By the time I got to college though, pitching was what I did.

NINE LIVES: At what point did you realize that you could make a career out of playing baseball?

BLACH: You know, from day one I always said I wanted to be a professional baseball player, that’s all I ever really wanted to do. But as you grow up and you go from level to level you kind of adapt to that new level of play and the speed of the game and I kept adjusting and finding ways to have success at each level.

I think that is the key to being able to continue to move on in this game, always adjusting and learning and growing as a ballplayer.

NINE LIVES: What player did you look up to as a kid?

BLACH: My favorite player when I was little was Andres Galarraga, The Big Cat!

He was always my favorite player, and I had his posters in my room and all his cards, baseballs, autographs, and that kind of thing. He was always my idol growing up, and I loved watching him play as a kid and hit as many home runs as he did.

NINE LIVES: What is your favorite and least favorite part of the minor league season?

BLACH: I think my favorite part has to be being able to play a game for a living every single day, you know. I’m getting to do what I love to do, so you can’t complain about that one bit. Not to mention the fact that you’re traveling all across the country getting to see new parts of the world. The hardest part I would say is just not being around your friends and family as much, but I’m fortunate that I’m able to have them come visit and see me play.



Favorite TV Show? The Blacklist

Favorite baseball Movie? The Rookie

Hidden Talent? I can play the piano a little bit

Baseball Superstitions? Not really. I definitely have routines as a starting pitcher, getting a good breakfast and enough sleep, and just listening to your body. Nothing though that I’d say is “superstitious.”

Favorite Athlete in a different sport? Doug McDermott, Chicago Bulls (Classmate at Creighton University)

Place you most want to visit? Rome, Italy

Person you most want to meet? Pope Francis

Broadway & His Bow

How do you unwind? Do you like to relax by the pool, maybe read a good book, or go see a movie? All great options. But how does River Cats bullpen stud Mike Broadway unwind after his season is over?

He goes bow hunting!

And in the same way that Mike puts in hours of work to keep his arm strong and mechanics sound, he hones his skills with the bow, even if it’s mid-season. I caught up with Mike before a home game at Raley Field recently; he had just gotten a new target and he was eager to punch some holes in it! We set up along the left field line and got some work in…


Bow hunting may not be for everyone, but this is certainly one more reason why you should not mess with Mike Broadway on or off the field.


Trevor Brown is 23 years old and hails from Newhall, CA. He was drafted in the 10th round of the 2012 June Amateur Draft out of UCLA by the San Francisco Giants. Brown makes up half of the River Cats catcher tandem, and is hitting .293 in 42 games with Sacramento so far this season (through July 16). We were able to catch up with Trevor and ask him a few questions…

NINE LIVES: Hey Trevor, how have you enjoyed playing in Sacramento?

TREVOR: It’s been great! Its a nice place and I’ve really enjoyed the fan support so far this season. I look forward to exploring more of the area.

NINE LIVES: What would you say your earliest baseball memory is?

TREVOR: My earliest baseball memory is from when I was twelve years old. We did the Cooperstown Dreams Park tournament in New York.

I think there were one hundred and something teams there? It was a week-long tournament, and I actually pitched the final game on the last day. The game started at 1:00 am and was our fifth game of the day and it was pouring rain, but we ended up winning the whole thing, which was really pretty awesome.

NINE LIVES: Growing up, did you play any sports other than baseball?

TREVOR: I did, I played football. I played pop-warner football growing up all the way to high school, and then once I got to high school I started focusing just on baseball. I was a quarterback.

I also played a lot of golf, and wanted to play in high school, but golf and baseball are both Spring sports, so I wasn’t able to do that.

NINE LIVES: What player did you look up to the most when you were a kid?

TREVOR: Well, I was actually an infielder growing up, pretty much until my senior year in high school when I started catching. So, I definitely looked up to Jeter, Garciapara, those top-tier shortstops were the guys I looked up too.

Trevor Brown at UCLA (via dailybruin.com)

Trevor Brown at UCLA (via dailybruin.com)

NINE LIVES: I know you played all over the field in college at UCLA, how’d you land on catcher?

TREVOR: Yeah, I played pretty much wherever they needed me. I played mostly shortstop and third in high school and I didn’t actually start catching until just before college. I liked being in the action throughout the game from behind the plate. The coaches at UCLA, especially John Savage, put a lot of responsibility on the catchers to call pitches and control the game. I liked that responsibility and it challenged me to work on that going into pro ball.

NINE LIVES: What is you pregame preparation as a catcher coming into a game or a series?

TREVOR: Definitely talking to the coaches and getting a scouting report. I also get together with the pitchers and go over their thoughts and put together a game plan on how to attack the hitters. It’s important to know you pitchers, too, and put something together something that takes advantages of their strengths.

There’s also the everyday blocking and throwing drills, just things to help stay sharp mechanically.

NINE LIVES: Through your time in professional baseball with all the travel, is there a favorite city of yours?

TREVOR: Probably Salt Lake. I played there in college and again now, and I just love the scenery there. The big snowy mountains are basically your backdrop. Knowing I was going to get to go back there this year, I was pumped because I remembered it from college.

NINE LIVES: What kind of memories jump out from the day you were drafted?brown_hit3

TREVOR: Oh, so much stress (laughs). I remember talking to lot of scouts that day and the day before hand. I actually didn’t get to catch as much as I wanted to my junior year because we were low on infielders, and I knew that kind of worked against my being drafted higher. I played a lot of first base and I’m not a big power guy, so that made it difficult to judge where I might go in the draft.

I was really just excited to get drafted, and was telling scouts that wherever they took me, I’d be happy to take it. I heard a lot of “Round Five through Eight” and when it wasn’t then I was kind of like, “Oh, man” and didn’t know if I was even going to get drafted.

When it did happen though, we (UCLA) were still in the playoffs so we were out practicing and a lot of the guys came running out of the clubhouse, all yelling at me that I was drafted in the tenth by the Giants.

NINE LIVES: When did you first realize that you might be able to make a career out of playing baseball?

TREVOR: I think a lot of us here just kind of grew up as the standout kids in their little leagues, and it’s always something you kind of think about. But my initial goal was just to be able to use baseball to go to college. And UCLA was the only place I was really getting looks at for anything other than pitching, and I really wanted to catch, so I was excited to jump on board with them right away.


Favorite TV Show? Game of Thrones and Sons of Anarchy. Jon Snow is my boy, for sure, on that one.

Favorite Baseball Movie? Can’t go wrong with Sandlot.

Favorite Athlete in a different sport? I was a big Steelers fan as a kid, and growing up I really liked Jerome Bettis.

Place you most want to visit? I actually have a trip planned for Europe. I’ll be going there for a month this offseason and try to hit as many places as I can. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, a bunch of other places too.

Best Dressed Teammate? I’d probably say Duvie (Adam Duvall). Especially going through the airport, Duvie always looks really good.

…and Worst? I’d have to go with Jarrett Parker. Definitely have to go with him.

Best Seat in the House…

With All-Star break upon us, Raley Field sits quietly on the bank of the Sacramento River, counting down the days until baseball returns and its seats are again filled with cheering River Cats fans. For those who have been to the West Sacramento home of the River Cats, I’m sure they have their favorite place to sit in the ballpark. The intimate configuration at Raley Field means there are no bad seats to watch a ball game, but where is the best seat? That is up for debate. So many factors come in to play; from proximity to the field to nearby concessions stands, perfectly-timed shade, likelihood of catching foul ball, and chances of getting a players autograph. You must weigh all these factors before buying a ticket to the next River Cats game at Raley Field.

View of Raley Field from the Western Health Advantage Legacy Club

View of Raley Field from the Western Health Advantage Legacy Club

I took a walk around the ballpark today, analyzing the different seat locations, and identifying the notable features of each seat. Hopefully my journey will help to guide you to your own “best seat in the house”.

Suite 12

Well, you can’t go wrong getting a suite. The view is fantastic, both for the game and overlooking the city. You can order food and have it delivered, and you have the option of watching the game outside or in the air conditioned lounge area. If you’re planning a family reunion, work outing, or birthday party, you can’t beat this.

Section 107, Row 19, Seat 5

If a suite isn’t your style, maybe a spot in the Senate Club on the first base side will suit you. You have a great view of the action, great food and drinks are just steps away on the concourse, and make sure you bring your glove because this is prime territory for foul balls.

Section 112, Row 3, Seat 12

Are you scouting the game for your future fantasy baseball team? This is where you need to be. Right behind the plate gives you a great look at the pitcher/batter action, and down this close you’ll even be able to hear Mariano from the dugout and the umpire calling balls and strikes.

Section 124, Row 15, Seat 6

If you’re on more of a budget and still want a great view of the game, try this area which is down the third base line, over looking left field. The features are numerous from these seats, and include potential foul balls, close proximity to the Beer Garden and great food options, and a view of the Tower Bridge and Midtown.

Blue Moon Party Deck

If it’s a hot summer day and you have some family or friends coming to the game with you, I found your spot. The Blue Moon Party Deck is a covered space down the first base line. It is close to Kids Corner, several great food options, and there is always ice cold Blue Moon on hand.

Section 121, Row 1, Seat 4

Autograph and foul ball seekers probably already know this spot. It is right on the field down the third base line and, in addition to having a great seat for the game, you’ll have a front row seat for potential autographs. River Cats will commonly sign balls and hats before and after each game, so kids, bring a sharpie and a smile!

Toyota Home Run Hill

Sitting on the lawn, watching River Cats baseball. Classic. Bring a blanket or sit on the soft grass, the kettle corn stand is at the top of the hill, and have a relaxing day at the park. But don’t forget, it’s not called Home Run Hill for nothing – be on the lookout for a Jarrett Parker blast to right field. Now that would make a great memory!

Tito’s Handmade Vodka Solon Club

Watch the game in style from the Solon club and you’ll have an unmatched view of the game and Midtown Sacramento, a full bar and delicious food from Broderick Roadhouse. This exclusive area is shaded and provides an excellent space for a group that wants to share a drink with old friends and new…and maybe catch some baseball in the meantime.

Whatever seat you choose, make sure you join us in the second half of the 2015 season at Raley Field! The River Cats players love to see all of our cheering fans and you are sure the have a blast!

River Cats head to Scottsdale – Part 2

Joe Panik walks to batting cage at Scottsdale Stadium

Joe Panik walks to batting cage at Scottsdale Stadium

The River Cats front office made a trip down to Scottsdale toward the end of Spring Training to meet the coaching staff and start building a relationship with the Giants Player Development Staff. We also hoped to get to see some future River Cats in action and gather some intel on who might be opening the season with the Cats at Raley Field on April 9th. During the first part of our trip we saw Madison Bumgarner pitch with the Triple-A group at the minor league complex and watched the Giants play the Giants Futures at Scottsdale Stadium.

After the Futures game we had the opportunity to meet up with the River Cats field staff and various Giants staff for dinner and continue to foster relationships and talk about the upcoming season. The more we hung out with them the clearer it became that the Giants as a whole are beyond excited, as are we, about the new affiliation. Everyone down in Arizona is ready to get out of Spring Training and into the regular season. Needless to say that when the River Cats team is announced, the coaching staff will have them ready to roll for the season opener against the Salt Lake Bees.


Giants vs. Dodgers Lineup, March 29th, 2015

On Sunday morning we stopped by big league camp to get a few player interviews before heading to the minor league complex. At the complex we ran into the 2014 Commissioner’s Trophy…The Giants have a few of these now so they seem to be everywhere. Naturally we all took a few pictures with the trophy before getting down to business. While the trophy was rushed away to its next photo-op we went to the practice field. Down by the batting cage, River Cats mainstay and radio broadcaster Johnny Doskow had the chance to interview Sacramento Manager Bob Mariano, prospect Ty Blach, and Sacramento native John Bowker. After we watched BP and pre-game warm-ups, the top two groups at minor league camp made preparations for an inter-squad game so we rushed off to Scottsdale Stadium for the big league game against the rival Dodgers!

The Giants fielded many of their everyday players such as Matt Cain, Buster Posey, and Joe Panik against a split-squad Dodgers team led by starting pitcher Carlos Frias. The game was full of action with 20 combined runs and several Giants trying to make their case for the big league club. Matt Duffy and Justin Maxwell led the Giants going a combined 5 for 7 and driving in 4 runs. In a crazy game, the Giants came out on top 11-9.

Giants vs Dodgers, Scottsdale Stadium

Giants vs Dodgers, Scottsdale Stadium

The end of the Giants-Dodger game unfortunately signaled the end of our trip. Although it was nice to get away from the heat (at least for a few weeks) and get back to beautiful Sacramento, we had gotten used to the Giants incredible hospitality and excitement. We look forward the beginning of our season and meeting our team of talented you men on Monday, April 6th. We certainly hope you are all as pumped as we are, and we cannot wait to see you on Opening Night, April 9th at Raley Field!!

River Cats head to Scottsdale – Part 1

Center fielder Brett Jackson taking Batting Practice at Giants Minor League complex

Center fielder Brett Jackson taking Batting Practice at Giants Minor League complex

After a long winter, spring is finally here and baseball has begun in Arizona! Spring Training is entering its final weekend so the River Cats’ Front Office sent some representatives down to Scottsdale to check out the action and to see who might be suiting up for the Cats when the season opens April 9th at Raley Field! GM Chip Maxson, Promo Manager Dane Lund, Radio Broadcaster Johnny Doskow, and Baseball Ops/PR Assistant Daniel Emmons descended on Scottsdale Friday where it was warm to say the least. The goal was to connect with the River Cats field staff, see some of the team workouts, and get some insight into who will be on the roster when the Sacramento River Cats open the season against the Salt Lake Bees .

The first day of the trip was a success! We were able to meet with the River Cats coaching staff, see some on field workouts at the minor league complex, get some interviews with Giants fans in the area, and even see Madison Bumgarner get in some work Bumgarner tossed six innings with the Triple-A group at minor league camp to work on some things in a more controlled environment. The Giants top minor league players faced the minor leaguers from the A’s and it was great to get our first taste of some future Cats. In less than two weeks, many of these guys will be taking the Field in Sacramento.

Sun setting over the Giants Minor League Complex in Scottsdale, AZ

Sun setting at the Giants Minor League Complex in Scottsdale, AZ

Day two started at Scottsdale Stadium where we caught up with some of the guys at big league camp and watched the pre-game workout. The Giants were set for a split squad afternoon, with one team playing the Mariners in Peoria and the other playing a “Future Giants” squad at Scottsdale Stadium. As they finished up their workout we made the quick trip to the minor league complex and had lunch with the Giants farm director, Shane Turner.

Giants vs. Giants Futures at Scottsdale Stadium

Giants vs. Giants Futures at Scottsdale Stadium

Just as it was on Friday, Saturday was very hot with no clouds in sight. A fantastic day for baseball. The Giants vs. Giants Futures game featured right-hander Yusmeiro Petit for the Giants and left-handed prospect Ty Blach. The futures team went through a six pitchers in the first six innings, including two of the Giants top pitching prospects, Kyle Crick and Tyler Beede. The game included future River Cats on both sides and it was a blast to see the Giants face each other in the annual Futures exhibition. As for the game, the Futures blanked the Giants for six innings. In the fourth, second baseman Austin Slater got the Futures team on the board opposite field home run, and the Futures squad added one more on a groundout by Mitch Delfino following singles by Jarrett Parker and Mac Williamson. The Giants pulled even in the 7th inning and the game ended with a 2-2 nine-inning tie

A wonderful start to the trip, getting in touch with the roots of the Giants minor league system. We look forward to dinner with the River Cats coaches and Giants Player Development Staff tonight and tomorrow getting more time at both big league camp and the minor league complex. We’ll be interviewing more of the 2015 River Cats, getting to know our Field Staff, and seeing the Giants face the Dodgers on Sunday.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Spring Training trip and check in throughout the season for player interviews, features and other fun River Cats content!

San Francisco Giants Trophy Tour at Raley Field

Last night at Raley Field, the River Cats welcomed the San Francisco Giants Trophy Tour, featuring the World Champion trophies from 2010, 2012 & 2014. Approximately 4,400 fans attended with their families and friends to witness a historical piece of baseball history, and also to welcome the River Cats inaugural affiliation with the Giants. The 4,400 fans who participated in yesterday’s event also were involved in another element of history. According to the Giants, it was the largest estimated attendance of any event featuring the trophies!

Yesterday was truly a perfect afternoon to host the tour, with temperatures remaining in the mid-sixties throughout the majority of the afternoon. However, as the sun set, cold air blasted through Sacramento and across Raley Field for the duration of the evening, causing temperatures to plummet into the low-forties. With that being said, our concession staff was more than prepared, and offered hot beverages for purchase on the concourse and near the third base dugout. Even with the cold temperatures, fans remained in wonderful spirits as they anxiously waited their turn in line to view and take pictures with the three World Series trophies.

(Photo Credit: Sacramento Bee)

Fans also had an opportunity to visit with representatives at stations on the concourse featuring CalFit, the Sacramento Bee and other sales tables to purchase exciting new memberships for 2015.

The On Deck Shop also remained open throughout the night, and even set up a kiosk on the third base concourse to give everybody in attendance a chance to pick up Giants World Champions gear, River Cats apparel and all other team merchandise.

The Junior Giants had a tent available as well near the exit of Raley Field. We would like to send out a special thank you to everybody who contributed donations to their fundraiser, and to all fans who came out last night, battled the cold elements and helped the City of Sacramento celebrate the San Francisco Giants Trophy Tour! We look forward to seeing you on Opening Day, just a few short months away!



Military Homecoming at Raley Field

As the holidays are quickly approaching, it makes us think about our loved ones both near and far. Last week, Raley Field had the pleasure of welcoming, reuniting, and honoring a Navy veteran returning from a deployment. For the first time in eight months, DC1 (SW) Michael Warren was able to see his wife, Nicole, and kids, Jakob and Kevin, in person. The best part was that the kids had no clue they would be seeing their dad that day.

Having returned from deployment the day before, his lovely wife set up a great surprise meeting for the kids. Starting off the day, Nicole, Jakob, Kevin, and a few other family members headed to Raley Field for a private tour of Raley Field with Mike on the Mic.


Meanwhile, Michael waited in the River Cats Clubhouse for his family to come through the doors at the end of the tour. With the help of the San Francisco Giants organization, Jakob and Kevin entered the clubhouse to find Giants/River Cats swag . While they were distracted with their new merchandise, their dad comes from behind to give them the surprise of a lifetime. This amazing homecoming ended with some catch on the field with their dad.


Needless to say the reuniting moments that followed were tear-jerking, heart-warming memories that will last a lifetime for all who witnessed. We are so glad that we could be a part of such a wonderful and rewarding experience.


On behalf of the River Cats and Raley Field, welcome home DC1 (SW) Michael Warren and thank you for your services.


*Thank you to the Giants organization for providing merchandise to make this moment that much more special.

Mike on the Off-Season. Where does the Entertainment MC go when baseball season ends?

Hey River Cats fans! Mike on the Mic here!

If you have been to a River Cats game in the last four baseball seasons, then you have seen the work that I do during games, running all over Raley Field conducting games, trivia challenges and promotions. It is my job, along with our outstanding Cat Crew, to keep the energy up and put smiles on the faces of the thousands of fans who visit Raley Field during each game.  As our season was coming to an end this last September, a handful of fans asked me what I will be doing to keep busy this off-season. I figured I would take this opportunity to give a little peak into the off-season of your favorite (and only!) River Cats MC!


As light hearted and goofy as my work is that I do during games, my off-season work is a little bit more serious, but just as much fun! If you were too look at my business card, it would describe me as the “Community Outreach Coordinator and In-Game Entertainment MC”. The MC part actually comes second. I work for the River Cats all year round and am only the MC for the 72+ home games here at Raley Field. For the rest of the year, I am working diligently to lead our community outreach efforts. I do this in a number of ways; assemblies, speaking/hosting engagements and Cats Care events.

On average, I will speak to approximately 100 schools in the Sacramento area every year. I visit a few high schools every year, primarily for career days to discuss job opportunities in sports and how to properly prepare yourself with education to be as successful as you can be. I will also visit a handful of middle schools, mostly to discuss the importance of making good choices, how to prepare yourself for the hard work in high school, and the value of that hard work in preparation for college. The majority of my assemblies are for elementary schools. I speak to the students about what it means to be Triple-A, but not minor league baseball. How is that for a riddle? How can one speak about Triple-A and NOT talk about minor league baseball?! The Triple-A that I speak to the students about is the three A’s of success; Attitude, Attendance and Academics. I admit, I do use a few examples from minor league baseball to demonstrate the importance of working hard at these three things. I primarily speak from personal experience with a few stories as well as sharing stories about successful people like Jackie Robinson in order to educate the students on the value of a positive attitude, good attendance and working hard in school to succeed in academics. I absolutely LOVE performing these assemblies. These assemblies are at zero cost to the schools. If you are connected to a school and would like to bring in the Triple-A program, please contact Eddie Eixenberger at eeixenberger@rivercats.com (public schools) or Joey Van Cleave at jvancleave@rivercats.com (private schools).


I have the pleasure of speaking to many adult groups as well. Throughout the year, I will be the keynote speaker for Rotary organizations, fundraisers for little leagues and as the event MC for a variety of different charities and non-profit organizations. Over this last year, I have MC’d a great variety of events! Everything from The Sacramento Moustache Run benefiting the American Cancer Society to the Miss Placer County pageant and the Annual Corn Dog Eating Competition at the Sacramento County Fair. If you would be interested in having me as an MC or Host for an event, please feel free to email me at MikeontheMic@rivercats.com and we will see what we can do!

One of my favorite things about the River Cats is the commitment to the community. We recently launched a new community support initiative called Cats Care. The purpose of Cats Care is to give our employees and fans an opportunity to work together in a variety of different ways to support the community. Since its inception, Cats Care has supplied volunteers to help with a variety of 5k runs for charity, participated in The Great American River Clean Up helping to beautify Discovery Park, and most recently, helped distribute food at The Sacramento Food Bank and Family Service’s Turkey Distribution Event. If you would like to participate as a member of Cats Care or request volunteers for a charitable event, please email me at mikeonthemic@rivercats.com and we will help to the best of our abilities.

River Clean Up

Aside from these wonderful responsibilities, you can often find me with our street team at fun events all over the Sacramento area and enjoying the company of fellow River Cats fans and employees at one of our Thirsty Thursday events downtown. For info on any of the above mentioned activities, feel free to shoot over an email!

Thank you to all of you who have made my time with the River Cats the best summers of my life, and I look forward to seeing you all next season! Go Cats!


Mike on the Mic

The answers you have been waiting for (’09 Trivia)

The time as come for the answers to be revealed. I know you all were waiting on the edge of your seats for this. I hope you had as much fun figuring out the answers as I did creating this trivia quiz. I threw you all for a loop with number 5 with an error in his current career, but you all can read below to find that out. Enjoy!

1) Jeff Baisley is from Florida and attended Land O’ Lakes High School. His dad was a legendary coach there and they ended up naming the high school baseball field after him.

2) Eric Patterson played 2B and some OF with the River Cats in 2009 and is famously stole home in a game that year at Raley Field. His brother played with the Chicago Cubs and he actually came up through the Cubs system originally.

3) Cliff Pennington was the starting SS for the River Cats for much of the year in 2009 and was a former 1st round pick of the A’s. He is now 30 and plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He played my collegiate baseball at Texas A & M.

4) Anthony Recker caught for most of the year with the River Cats in 09 and did a little DHing as well. He is now the backup catcher for the New York Mets and he married former homegrown lefty Brad Kilby’s cousin.

5) Brad Kilby is the homegrown lefty from Elk Grove. It was a thrill to pitch for the River Cats as he attended River Cats games when he was in high school and college. He made his big league debut on September 2nd, 2009. *After coaching baseball at Franklin High School for a year, he is now the Pitching Coach at Cosumnes River College.

6) Sean Doolittle played the outfield, first base, and DH’d for a bit the first part of 2009. He became a pitcher, making the conversion in 2011 and worked his way to the big leagues in 2012. He is now an all-star closer and at one point in 2014, he had walked one and struck out 63 batters.

7) Chris Denorfia could have made millions being a voiceover specialist as he has the gift of a “movie trailer voice”. Instead, he is now a major league baseball player and with the San Diego Padres over the last several years he has put up good numbers as an everyday outfielder in the big leagues. He finished 2014 with the Seattle Mariners. He was the River Cats center fielder and right fielder in 2009.

8) Tommy Everidge played some first base and was the designated hitter at times in 2009. He made his big league debut at Fenway Park on July 28th that year starting at first base for the Oakland A’s.

So how did you all do? Perfect score? 50/50? I’m sure you did great! Thanks for playing along


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